The Documentation Center

Created for the opening of the new Albert Kahn Departmental Museum, this center is meant to encourage studying and research regarding the museum’s collections.


The Musée Départemental Albert-Kahn’s documentation center will provide professionals, researchers and the public with documentary records on the museum’s collections, in particular, the photography and film collections produced under the framework of The Archives de la Planète, on Albert Kahn and his work, Jean Brunhes, geographer and scientific director, as well as the camera operators for The Archives de la Planète. Private archives related to the grant recipients from the Autour du Monde Society, photographers or film operators will also be available. The documentation and works will also focus on the history of photography – specifically the autochrome – the beginning of cinema, the history of gardens (specifically Japanese in France). They will make it possible to identify Albert Kahn’s project and foundations within the historical context of the inter-war period.

All the works published by the museum as well as the exhibit catalogues will be consultable on site.


Online library:

Target audience

Access to the documentation center does not require an appointment, but is subject to the amount of available seats. The documents will only be consultable on site (cannot be borrowed). More specifically dedicated to students, teachers, researchers, historical and cultural professionals, etc., it will also be open to those who are curious and interested in expanding their knowledge about Albert Kahn’s project and the museum’s collections.


Registration will be free and takes place on site: student card, professional card, or interview with the documentation center’s staff.


Documents to consult

Freely accessible:

  • The collection’s database, paper or digital resources, works, periodicals, printouts and documentary records


By appointment with a collection director and upon proof of research:

  • The private archives collection, the establishment’s archives, catalogs, museum collections. 

Access to the digital files

From the computer stations, you can research our electronic resources catalog in order to consult digital or audiovisual documents. You can also come with your own laptop.

The center’s events

As a place for cultural mediation, the documentation center will propose regular events based on the museum’s collections, current exhibits and research:

  • Encounters and roundtables with authors, exhibit curators, artists;
  • Conferences on the latest news in research and publishing;

You can refer to the Latest News/Events page on our website.


The Image library

Photographic reproductions of the works subject to the intellectual property code may be communicated according to certain conditions. Any reproduction request will need to specify the planned use (contact us by email).

Contact :