From 1895 to 1920, Albert Kahn acquired nine parcels from twelve different owners in order to create a garden composed of landscaped scenes brightened up with “follies” and forests: le jardin français  (the French-style garden),  leverger-roseraie (the Orchard & Rose garden), le jardin anglais (the English-style garden), la forêt vosgienne (the Vosges Forest), la forêt bleue (the Blue Forest), la forêt dorée et la prairie (the Golden Forest & the Meadow), le marais (the Marshland), levillagejaponais (the Japanese Village), leSanctuaire (the Sanctuary), leverger-roseraie (the Orchard & Rose garden).

This scenic garden, a touching miniature world, was registered as a historical monument in 2015. Like testimonies of landscaping from the time, there are 2,500 autochromes of the garden in the museum’s collections. This small landscaping “registry” – which would be continued in Cap Martin on the Mediterranean Riviera – was particularly adapted to his piecemeal method of acquiring land.